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SoftRank: 6.22

RubyCommunicate 3.0 is an integrated digital communications web solution, developed specifically for the needs of the small-to-midsize (SMB) online enterprise. RubyCommunicate offers a templated, brandable online and email marketing offering that automates and streamlines the communication...

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SoftRank: 4.38

Message allows you to send messages to: - an individual CICS terminal by Termid or Netname - all CICS terminals (including console operator) - all CICS terminals matching a generic Termid or Netname - an individual CICS user by OPID or USERID - all CICS terminals matching...

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SoftRank: 2.52

Tornado MessengerTornado Powered Unified Messaging drives next-generation service providers into a new era of value-added service profitability.

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