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OpenMFG ERP Suite OpenMFG brings the power of next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) software applications to small and mid-sized manufacturers who need: * Visibility across operations. Now you can know your inventory levels, outstanding orders, cash balance, collections of one...

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NDS Systems: ERP Software & Solutions NDS's ERP solution delivers a robust, user-friendly application that's tailor-made for small and midsize companies. Scaleable and affordable, our software is specifically designed for your distribution and manufacturing enterprise needs. Streamline your business operations and maximize your ROI!

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Dynalogics is a suite of Expert Systems for Manufacturing. It is different from ordinary systems in that the knowledge of every process, method, material and rate, and the capability and constraint of every item of plant on the shop floor are all incorporated in the system's logic.

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MARSMARS is a ready made set of applications especially designed and developed for the project-oriented business and one-of-a-kind production. The overall objective of MARS is to ensure: The right material, in the right quantity, at the right place and at the right time.

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Event Control Server(ECS) delivers the power and reliability to schedule and control your mission-critical Windows NT and Unix applications, enterprise-wide. ECS provides the automation framework that will allow you to gain control of your production environment and manage your mission-critical...

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