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SoftRank: 5.77

Wellsoft v10 Emergency Department Information System Designed by and for Emergency Department clinicians, Wellsoft understands life in the ED. The Wellsoft system provides tremendous benefits to clinicians, patients and administrators including: - Saving time by showing the location and disposition of patients in real time - Providing instant...

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SoftRank: 5.44

Healthspace Healthspace enables intergrated management of outpatient and inpatient functions of an hostpital with automated Registration, Housekeeping, Casualty, Lab, Doctor, Nurse, OT, Blood Bank, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Billing, Staff, Medical records management. It gives you a ready access to health and...

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Srishti Software's product 'PARAS' is a fully integrated enterprise class Healthcare Solution suite designed for hospital of various size and complexity. Conforming to best clinical & administrative processes combined with seamless flow of information across the various department, it ensures...

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SoftRank: 4.11

MediNet Looking For A Perfect Solution To Kick-Start the Profit and Automation Of Your Hospital? Want to kick-start the complete automation process of your Hospital/clinic, but don't know where to begin? You want to increase your profits and cut your costs. Looking for a Solution that can satisfy...

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SoftRank: 3.72

Tele Doctor is the integration of computer hardware, specially designed software, video conferencing system, medical equipments and communication media. It enables the specialist, who actually is hundreds of miles away to look at the problem and offer his expert view or solution. The overview of...

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