CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture by Red Wing Software, Inc.

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Good financial data gives you the competitive edge and the confidence you need to make the best decisions for your operation.

CenterPoint® accounting software for Agriculture offers the best value for a suite of Ag-specific financial analysis tools that help you make smart business decisions to achieve your goals. It is the most versatile product on the market, yet it's easy to set up and use. CenterPoint is based on the newest Microsoft®.NET Framework, which provides unlimited opportunities for future development. Plus, it comes with the expertise of Red Wing Software and certified, local partners.

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  • » In-depth management capability
  • » Extensive budgeting capabilities
  • » Customizable reports
  • » Uncover strengths and weaknesses
  • » Asset and liability tracking
  • » Financial analysis
  • » Farm / Ag specific payroll

Supported Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL
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Users (# of seats)
995 to 2995

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Additional Product Information

CenterPoint is the most versatile Ag software product on the market, yet it’s easy to set up and use. By using CenterPoint, you can see which area of your operation is generating income, and which is not. By doing this, you can focus on the income generating enterprises, and increase your profits.

The profitability of your operation depends on good financial management. CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture gives you everything you need to manage your operation’s finances. Get the answers you need to make important business decisions to increase profitability, become more efficient, and achieve your goals.

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