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Inovaware's PRISM is a real-time, automated billing and customer management infrastructure for providers of Internet and IP-based services. PRSIM enables all aspect of customer and service management, provisioning, self management, pricing, rating and billing.

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  • » Extremely robust rating engine capabilities
  • » Supports quick changes to product design, pricing and promotion
  • » Multi-language, multi-currency capabilities
  • » Accommodates complex billing and commissioning structures
  • » Highly scable and proven product among the world's largest companies
  • » Fully-featured, yet very inexpensively priced
  • » Client based or host solution available
Finnish, Norwegian, French, Polish, German, Portuguese, Greek, Byelorussian, Hebrew, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Turkish, English, Vietnamese

Supported Technologies

HP/UX, Solaris/Sun OS, Linux, MS Windows Server 2003, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
C# (C Sharp),, Java
Software, ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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PRISM is a fully featured, highly scable and robust billing and rating engine at half the price of comparable product from the largest billing companies.


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Additional Product Information

Engineered from the ground up with the Internet and IP-based services in mind, PRISM is a superior, integrated software infrastructure specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of growing Internet services, including web hosting companies, WiMax/WiFi carriers, DSL providers, IPTV companies, broadband carriers, content providers, ISPs, VOIP carriers, data centers and content providers. An industrial-strength billing and customer management system, PRISM lets you build your business without worrying about the scalability, extensibility and functionality of your underlying systems. PRISM's automated business platform covers all aspects of real-time customer and service management, helps accelerate the deployment of new value-added services, and bills for any type of usage. Through its groundbreaking, object-oriented architecture, PRISM makes it easy for companies to support explosive growth in subscribers and new service offerings. PRISM supports SQL Server and Oracle databases.

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