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Travel and Expense (T&E) management solutions are critical components in an organization's business strategy to control costs, increase employee satisfaction and improve bottom line performance. CyberShift is a global leader in expense management, with its CyberShift Expense solution automating the processing and facilitating the management of employee business expenses, the second largest controllable expense after payroll.

CyberShift Expense provides the most complete and configurable full-service solution for expense management and automation. Going beyond just travel and entertainment, this solution can process all employee business expenses including fleet, cell phone, p-card and more. CyberShift Expense customers achieve greater control over costs, improved compliance and increased visibility into operations through data capture and reporting. CyberShift Expense is a Web-based application that streamlines the entire process of employee business expenses from submission to reimbursement. A typical company can realize a return on their investment in just a few months, reducing processing time and costs up to 60% through automation. With CyberShift Expense your organization can save even more on the entire range of employee discretionary expenses such as office supplies, mobile phones, fleet, meetings, p-card charges and more.


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Better Management of Employee Business Expenses Improves
Bottom Line Results - CyberShift's approach to expense management is simple: a business solution that's a perfect fit with your environment. One that's easy-to-implement, rich in functionality and highly adaptable. CyberShift Expense is a Web-based application suite that streamlines the entire process of employee business expenses from submission to reimbursement to analysis and reporting. CyberShift Expense will help your company dramatically reduce costs through:

Enhanced service and convenience for employees
Easy communication and automatic compliance with policy
Improved control and management of overall expenditures
Capture of hidden savings such as VAT taxes, exchange rate leakage and proper classification and documentation of expenses for tax purposes
Reduction of processing costs within finance due to less administration

Beyond travel & entertainment to include all employee discretionary spending .

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