Rtz Soft Forte4T by RTZ Soft

2.35 - What's this?

A four stroke engine simulator that calculates the performance of such engines.;It can be useful for motorsport applications, but also for design and tuning.

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Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
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Additional Product Information

This is a four stroke internal combustion simulator.
It calculates the performances of such engines and it'an important tool to design and tuning engines.
It simulates monocylinder engines and it's possible to have more than 60 output graphs,that with a standard Dyno isn't possible to obtain, so it's possible to have all the information about all the motoristic parameters of an engine. Many other softwares are to be released: a professional version of four stroke engine simulator in which it's possible to simulates all the possible configuration of engines (multicylinders, turbocharging,catalysts) and will be possible to calculate also the emissions of an engine.

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