Net-Bank by EFT Consultants

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Net-Bank is an Internet Banking solution specially designed to answer to the most difficult requirements of corporate clients and suits also perfectly to the retail and private market thanks to the ability to define the contents of the application per customer profile.

Greek, Spanish, Dutch, English, French

Supported Technologies

OS/400, Windows XP/2000/NT , AIX, Linux, Solaris/Sun OS
Web-Based (Browser)
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Additional Product Information

From the outset, Net-Bank has been designed as a secure kernel for exchanging critical data on the Internet and facilitating the execution of secure transactions.

EFT Consultants offers a set of standard business modules such as: account statements, payments (domestic or international), direct debits, standing orders, cheques, import/export of orders files, setting up a data base (beneficiaries), the securities and trading modules, exchange rates, asset allocations, increased security levels, secure E-mail, documents order, stock market data integration, etc.

On the top of the "out of the shelf modules", the bank can easily develop its own modules using the Net-Bank Toolbox.

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