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E-Closing is the definitive web-based real estate title, escrow and closing software application, comprehensive and easy to use.

Supported Technologies

Web-Based (Browser)
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If you can surf the web, you can use E-Closing—the controls are that easy. E-Closing is a web site: it’s organized around hyperlinks, menus, and pages. The user is never more than one click away from any page in E-Closing.

Training is a snap. There are no special codes to remember, and no messy folders to plow through. The E-Closing learning curve is downright gentle.

Access E-Closing from anywhere through a secure web connection. Processors can work from home. Closers can access the file at the closing location. All they need is an Internet connection and Acrobat Reader.

Documents are generated as Adobe PDF files. PDF is a secure, read-only format that allows you to easily share documents with others—but leaves you in control of the content.

Post secure PDF documents online. Everyone associated with a transaction can log in to E-Closing and check the status of the file, view documents, and run reports.

Email documents straight from E-Closing. You can choose exactly which parties should receive which documents.

Open documents for editing in Word. E-Closing can generate finished copies of all your documents, but when you have a letter or a deed that needs a final bit of tweaking, you can make those changes in Word before printing.

Add new documents to E-Closing. If the document you need is not in E-Closing, create it yourself and store it in E-Closing. You can also customize E-Closing’s own documents to suit your company’s needs.

Back title searches are only a click away. Connect to registry web sites and back title search sites through hyperlinks in E-Closing.
Schedule events from closings to jury duty. E-Closing’s Smart Scheduling Technology can coordinate all your company’s events.

Customize your HUD, lender by lender. Effortlessly provide your lender with the HUD the way he wants it.

You control the secure access to E-Closing. You decide who sees what in E-Closing. Users see only what they need to accomplish their work. Who needs access to print checks and reconcile escrow accounts? Who needs to view reports? Who needs access to the Back Office to manage the Rolodex, users, and scheduling? You decide.

Working on multiple files is as easy as opening a second browser window…or a third, or fourth…. Users have unlimited login permission, so they don’t need to exit one file to work on another. All they have to do is open another browser window and log in again to E-Closing.

Manage your files through the flexible E-Closing Team concept. Teams are defined by the company using the software, rather than by a group of developers forcing companies to do business a certain way. A Team can consist of one user who takes the file from order entry to closing, or a group of users working together on one file, or each department within your company. It’s up to you.

E-Closing can grow with your company. There are no per seat license fees with E-Closing, so you don’t have to pay for extra users during busy times.

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