FinnOne LOAN ORIGINATION SYSTEM (LOS) by Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.

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The FinnOne Loan Origination System allows retail finance organisations to optimise their loan approval processing mechanism by intergrating sourcing, field investigation and processing agencies.

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Offices at Australia, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America. Distributors at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines, Thailand.



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The FinnOne Loan Origination System (LOS) is a web-based module which front ends the lending systems of retail finance institutions and banks. The LOS is an effective tool provided to allow retail finance organizations to bring the best out of their loan approval processing mechanism and compliment effectively their existing lending systems. In today's competitive markets this allows the organization to service applications faster with a minimum amount of rework and additional follow-up with its customers, a fact any financier will appreciate is crucial to satisfying today's discerning customers.

The LOS brings loan processing to a central processing unit scenario integrating the sourcing, field investigation and processing agencies.
It incorporates workflow based processing to cater for the multi-tier approval and deviation processes an organization may follow.
With relevant screens available to direct selling agencies for data entry and document & pre-credit check and credit approval queries & status. It allows for sourcing agents to enter and query their customer application status directly over the web, giving them anytime-anywhere access for speed and decision making authority at its best.
With two way info sharing for results and additional Dox / Dox completeness, and supporting shift type data entry and curing in the CPA, it enables faster and better online curing of applications incompletes.
With the master set-up centralized and controlled securely, the organizations can also use this module to effectively change and introduce "quick-to-market" products and schemes to hone on their competitive edge.

The workflow model in FinnOne LOS enables the user to track down all the different stages of a customer's application at any given point of time. The workflow model divides the data entry of a customer's application into various sub stages till the application is pending for final authorization. The stages may or may not run in parallel depending on the user maintenance.

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