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PC/Register turns a basic Windows compatible PC into a fully-featured cash register, and can also power PC-based cash registers like the IBM SureOne and Epson IR. In addition to a full range of POS functions, PC/Register provides storewide inventory control, updating inventory records while it rings sales.

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Supported Technologies

Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
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PC/register is sold through an authorized reseller network, and direct to major accounts. Contact us for pricing information.

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Additional Product Information

PC/Register is a complete POS system, including store level inventory control. With it, you can:;* Conduct all standard sales and rental transactions;* Print labels, tags, and receipts;* Secure credit card authorizations;* Calculate and record sales tax;* Manage inventory and customer records;* Track time and attendance;* Scan and print bar codes;* Set up special sales and promotions;And more. PC/Register is flexible enough to handle any retail enterprise, from corner store to superstore.;PC/Register is fully Windows compatible, running under Windows 95, 98, or NT Server. It will run on a standard PC meeting certain basic requirements, or on most PC-based cash register systems. It is also compatible with all common POS hardware, including cash drawers, scanners, pole displays, PIN pads, mag stripe readers, and electronic scales.

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