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Dundas Dashboard is a flexible platform for the rapid development of business dashboards. Whether you are leveraging an existing BI infrastructure/application or starting a standalone dashboard project from scratch, Dundas Dashboard offers the industry's most cost-effective system for creating/deploying sophisticated dashboards and empowering users quickly and easily.

Performance Dashboard built with Dundas DashboardDundas Dashboard Screenshot
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  • » Drag-And-Drop Dashboard Designer
  • » Many Data Visualization Options
  • » Dashboard Mashups
  • » Intra-dashboard communication
  • » Dashboard Interactivity With DundasScript™
  • » Open API
  • » Supports multiple data sources

Supported Technologies

MS Windows Server 2003
Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL
C# (C Sharp)
Software, Web-Based (Browser)
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Additional Product Information

Dundas Dashboard is a comprehensive dashboard platform designed to help you quickly create custom business dashboard solutions with minimal IT department involvement.

We've designed the browser-based platform with the knowledge that users have different skill sets. We've matched those skills with the various areas of the dashboard-building process. There's very little code writing involved (if any), giving non-technical users, managers and executives tremendous power to implement their own dashboard applications.

Whether you will be using it standalone, within an existing ASP.NET portal, a Silverlight application or other web application, Dundas Dashboard is a powerful platform for your business intelligence needs

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