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Indicee is an online application that saves you hours - even days - on your monthly reporting tasks by easily providing the tools to upload and combine data from almost any source. You can then ask questions in plain English and quickly get answers, create reports, and share your findings.

Reporting Interface
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  • » Cloud-based
  • » Safe & secure
  • » Combine almost any data
  • » Easy to use interface
  • » Affordable
  • » No IT knowledge required
  • » No software to install or download

Supported Technologies

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Web-Based (Browser)
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69.00 per month to 149 per month

Price based on data storage & sharing. A single-user, limited storage, free option is available. All users get a 30 day free trial.


IT World Canada
Featured article
Featured article in ReadWrite-Enterprise
TechCrunch Article
We were featured in TechCrunch in November of 2009

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From the original creators of Crystal Reports

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