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JasperReports is the market-leading embeddable Java reporting library. The JasperReports library is the engine that processes and displays data in comprehensible, pixel-perfect reports. JasperReports is useful for any applications that require reports. JasperReports is used in applications as routine as printing invoices and as sophisticated as executive dashboards.

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  • » Lowest TCO - LGPL licensing allows free distribution and enables reporting to be broadly distributed
  • » Support - Comprehensive support, consulting and training
  • » Upgrade Path - Migrate to JasperIntelligence for more power
  • » Direct to Print - Pixel-perfect reports with no need for post-production editing

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Software, Open Source
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Additional Product Information

JasperReports, the world's most popular embeddable open source pure Java reporting library, can be embedded into any host application to provide rich print and web reporting and/or file output for further analysis. Use JasperReports for tasks as routine as printing invoices or as sophisticated as placing accurate and timely operational information on decision maker's web pages and spreadsheets. Report definitions are written in JRXML and can be developed using iReport, the graphical report designer build just for JasperReports. For users with more sophisticated enterprise reporting requirements, reports developed for JasperReports can be migrated to JasperIntelligence.

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