DMExpress by Syncsort Incorporated

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DMExpress™ is the high-performance data transformation product for UNIX, Linux and Windows environments.


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Additional Product Information

DMExpress™ extracts data at very high speed from any source database or flat file, applies any kind of record level transformation and/or field level transformation, and then loads the data into any target database or flat file.

DMExpress leverages over 35 years of research and development in high-performance software. It is needed wherever you have data-intensive applications, speeding processes like ETL, staging data for a data warehouse, and database loading by up to 90%. DMExpress will help you meet the data management and performance challenges you face in areas such as:

Data Warehousing
Database and Batch Loads
Delta Processing
Web Log Processing
Data Mining
Business Intelligence
Data Quality and Cleansing
Customer Relationship Management
OLTP Systems
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