JasperETL by Jaspersoft

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JasperETL is a complete and ready-to-run data integration platform for organizations of all sizes, providing high performance data extract-transform-load (ETL) capabilities. JasperETL is appropriate for all analytic and operational data integration needs, regardless of complexity.


  • » Easily create, manage, and maintain data integration processes
  • » Advanced and intuitive graphical user interface
  • » Usable by small, medium, and large organizations
  • » Up to 50% faster than leading ETL tools in performance tests
  • » Commercial open source approach addresses the full range of market needs

Supported Technologies

Software, Open Source
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Additional Product Information

When used as part of the JasperSoft Open Source Business Intelligence Suite, organizations can develop, manage, and document data integration processes for more accurate, more comprehensive reporting and online analytical processing (OLAP) with JasperReports, JasperServer, and JasperAnalysis. In common with all JasperSoft Open Source Business Intelligence products, JasperETL can also be used stand-alone to provide comprehensive ETL capabilities for other applications and systems.

JasperETL simplifies and standardizes data warehouse / data mart updates, thus simplifying and standardizing the end-user experience. JasperETL can routinely extract, transform, and load data from operational systems into a “star schema” style database, where it can be safely and quickly accessed for interactive end-user reporting and analysis.

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