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myCONTENT is an image syndication and archiving solution. It offers impressive functionality and system scalability and is easy to use despite the application’s high level of complexity. myCONTENT is tailored to the special needs of image agencies, image archives and the image departments of publishing houses. Even in its standard version, myCONTENT offers all of the important functions needed for the copyright-compliant use and marketing of both small and large image collections.

myCONTENT is a multi-lingual solution for the most common European languages and offers online help and integrated monitoring.

With its use of XML and Java (J2EE) technologies, myCONTENT implements the latest standards in software development to ensure the safety of your investment and high availability during system operation.


Here’s a detailed look at the functions offered by myCONTENT:

Management of images and media objects

automatic extraction of basic information specific to type of media, e.g., IPTC
formation of statistical and dynamic document groups
efficient indexing tools
logging function for data servicing
differentiated authorisation level for data servicing
Import interfaces
hot folders with automatic pre-indexing
HTTP upload
monitor function for hot folders to monitor data inputs
message function
formats supported: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, EPS, etc.

thesaurus support with synonym formation
standardised columns by means of concordance table
Search functions

full-text searches with word stem formation and proximity search
structured search with Boolean operators
selection of content via background search tree (thesaurus)
saving of personal and global search profiles

definition of personal profiles and presentation variations
“What’s new?” function
news service with push function
theme mapping
User administration

online accreditation
user group management
management of rights at document or document group level

access control via user rights
click verification
cost centre registration with budget monitoring
content-related statistics with “bestseller” lists
export function for accounting information (XML, CSV)
E-commerce functionality

customer and supplier management
shopping cart
flexible price styles with discounting
production of delivery slips, invoices and credit notes
order records and statistics
interfaces to bookkeeping systems
News editor

input of news
linking with queries or document groups
release function via authorised users

simple navigation through complex data structures by means of hyperbolic tree


  • » Management of images and media objects
  • » Thesaurus support with synonym formation
  • » Standardised columns by means of concordance table
  • » Formation of statistical and dynamic document groups
  • » Efficient indexing tools
  • » Differentiated authorisation level for data servicing
  • » Production of delivery slips, invoices and credit notes
French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, English

Supported Technologies

Solaris/Sun OS, Linux
Oracle, Oracle RDB
HTML, Java, JavaScript, XML
Software, ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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Additional Product Information

myCONTENT is a powerful Internet/Intranet media digtial asset management solution allowing users to search/retrieve or download images,;documents, audio, video and other information using a standard;web-browser.

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