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TeleScope MDP is a powerful new application from North Plains designed to equip companies with a simple and secure media distribution portal. TeleScope MDP allows organizations and departments to manage and distribute approved multimedia materials whether it be directly to end customers, sales and marketing organizations, or in support of Internet-based training and education.

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TeleScope MDP provides the power, speed and flexibility to solve your multimedia management and distribution challenges quickly.

Whether you are trying to manage and distribute sales presentations, company logos, video training materials or any other multimedia file, the TeleScope Media Distribution Portal (MDP) was designed for you. TeleScope MDP provides the solution for organizations and departments that need to manage and distribute approved multimedia materials to a community inside or outside the corporate firewall. TeleScope MDP was designed with the key features needed to get you up and running fast. With TeleScope MDP we have taken all of the work out of configuring a system to meet your needs by allowing you to either select from a set of preconfigured templates or configure the system to match your unique needs.

The key to implementing new systems is to make them easy to use and understand. The TeleScope MDP solution interface was designed in conjunction with a customer focus group from various industries as well as specialists in human interface design. The result is an intuitive interface that takes a users from “find me this” to “give me that” in two clicks.

As needs changes or requirements grow, TeleScope MDP will change with you. Making changes to your implementation of TeleScope MDP can be done through an intuitive administration application. Changes can be made without the need of outside help, and the administration wizard allows you to make these changes instantly.

Whether it is a creative professional on a Macintosh workstation using Adobe Photoshop or a field sales representative using Microsoft PowerPoint, TeleScope MDP will give them exactly what they need when they need it. TeleScope MDP is designed to work with your organization’s technical requirements from vast support of web browser versions to supporting the latest networking acronyms such as SSL, DMZ, LDAP and VPN.

Protecting access to your content and monitoring the activities of your users is at the core of TeleScope MDP. By using the filtering, access control, and secured registration features, you can rest assured that your content will only be accessed by the people you want to view it. Assigning security is a snap too, with TeleScope MDP’s security templates allowing you to control access to assets by individual, group, content type or time restrictions. For the content that you want accessible by anyone, TeleScope MDP’s “guest” feature allow you to provide access to a subset of your content with restricted rights.

If you need to manage just 500 corporate images or if you need to manage 500,000 images, logos, presentations and video, TeleScope MDP is the solution for you. The mix of the TeleScope MDP’s robust processing engine combined with its intuitive interface makes it the premiere rich media management and distribution solution.

Connecting to the Enterprise:
For organizations utilizing the TeleScope Enterprise platform, TeleScope MDP can provide an extension to that platform by providing remote digital asset management features for your restricted network bandwidth and geographically separated locations. The following diagram illustrates the benefits of providing remote self contained applications that can synchronize with the TeleScope Enterprise database and allow for controlled access to all world wide content.

Key Features of TeleScope MDP:
Rich Media Support – TeleScope MDP supports the most popular photograph, logo, and illustrations standards as well as PDFs, Office documents including PowerPoint presentations, audio and video file formats. TeleScope has optional support for InDesign, QuarkXPress and Video Streaming formats.

Simplified Indexing – Users can drag and drop to the TeleScope MDP "InBox" in their web browser or copy their files to a network "hot folder". TeleScope MDP will automatically extract data embedded in the file such as the Adobe XMP or IPTC standards. Additional information can be automatically or manual tagged depending on your workflow requirements.

Previewing Options – Users can control their personal preferences on how they like their interface to look. They can choose to view the assets in a thumbnail (grid) view, a paragraph (list with thumbnail) or a text view (spreadsheet). When zooming in on an asset to preview it, TeleScope MDP can dynamically watermark that preview based on the security you have defined for that asset or user.

File Management – TeleScope MDP handles the storage and management of all content on a standard file server. When indexing assets into TeleScope MDP, the assets become secure and users need not worry about having to organize assets in a file folder structure, because TeleScope MDP manages all of that for the users.

Metadata – TeleScope MDP comes with metadata templates for industry standards such as IPTC and the Dublin Core. System administrators can expand and modify these templates to match the exact requirements of your organization. TeleScope MDP automatically recognizes file-supplied metadata, preventing users from laborious data entry.

Optional Components:
Power Macintosh Client – TeleScope MDP offers an optional native Macintosh application for creative professionals or system librarians that would prefer to interact with the TeleScope MDP system through a desktop application rather than a web browser.

PowerPoint™ Composer – The PowerPoint Composer interface allows users to dynamically assemble PowerPoint presentations directly from the MDP interface. When the user has finished, TeleScope MDP will download a single PowerPoint presentation in same order assembled using the composer.

Professional Conversion Engine – The Adobe Graphics Server image processing engine can be used with TeleScope MDP allowing end users to convert assets on the fly based on their intended use. By using the Adobe Graphics Server, the quality and color can be maintained as if a designer had manually converted the asset using Photoshop.

LDAP Adapter – The TeleScope MDP LDAP adapter provides integration with your organization’s user name and password directory allowing TeleScope MDP users to use their same user name and password that they use with their other applications.

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