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MQ1 is a suite of over 20 modules that automate compliance and quality processes like document control, APQP, gage and tooling management, preventive maintenance, training tracking, corrective action, audit management, and more.


  • » Any file types can be managed
  • » Integrates with ERP/MRP and other data sources or applications
  • » Professional services provided to support and configure the system.
  • » Configurable features like customizable fields
  • » Electronic routing, signatures, and distribution all automated.
  • » Workflow management
  • » Automatic task reminders and closed loop reporting

Supported Technologies

MS Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/2000/NT
Oracle, SQL CE
C# (C Sharp),, Java
Software, ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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Users (# of seats)
3,000 to 100,000

Pricing depends on which modules selected (a la carte) and how many concurrent users. The range is not the best way to know your cost. Please contact for pricing.

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Additional Product Information

Windows platform (Microsoft Partner)
SQL based
Browser based and client server applications
Full product support
Free demos upon request

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