Esker DeliveryWare Platform by Esker Limited

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Esker DeliveryWare Platform delivers enterprise information intelligently, automating the transformation of text or print-stream data into the document and message formats that today's information consumers want - HTML, XML, email, PDF, print, fax, and SMS - and delivering them to any recipient, at any client device, anywhere, at any time.

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Supported Technologies

AIX, DEC OpenVMS, HP/UX, Linux, MVS(OS/390), OS/400, SCO UNIX/PC UNIX, Silicon Graphics IRIX, Solaris/Sun OS, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Lotus Notes/Domino, XML
Web-Based (Browser)
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Document delivery for SAP solutions

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Additional Product Information

Esker DeliveryWare Platform delivers enterprise information intelligently. A complete solution, Esker DeliveryWare Platform includes all the tools required to improve communication with customers, partners, and employees, maximize return on new and established IT investments, and reduce information delivery costs with end-to-end automation: , - Connectors to the most widely used data sources and delivery technologies, - Integration with LDAP or ODBC directories , - Graphical interface for easy configuration of automation rules, - Powerful intelligence technology - patent-pending General Document Recognition (GDR) - to automate document processing, transformation, and delivery. General Document Recognition (GDR), Esker's award-winning General Document Recognition technology (GDR) powers the intelligent automation of DeliveryWare Platform, giving it the unique ability to automate the conversion and delivery of computer-generated information to any recipient, in any format, in any volume. GDR scans text or print data for identifying content. Based on this content, it invokes rules - configured using the DeliveryWare Platform Designer - to automate every step of the document delivery process: , - Accessing the DeliveryWare LDAP database, or any ODBC database, to retrieve street, email, or IP addresses; fax or mobile phone numbers; or URLs , - Addressing documents and messages, - Invoking DeliveryWare Platform converters to transform data , - Routing addressed, re-formatted output to the DeliveryWare server and on to its destination. , GDR offers exceptional benefits: , - Streamlines document/message processing for faster delivery, - Helps enterprises exceed customer, partner, and employee expectations by delivering information in any preferred format , - Creates and delivers multiple document/message types from a single data source, - Improves communication effectiveness and efficiency, - Consolidates all information distribution under one comprehensive technology.

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