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Zavanta is a specialized tool for creating and maintaining clear operating procedures and making them accessible over an intranet. Designed for busy professionals, Zavanta's intelligent knowledge capture interface enables anyone to structure and create effective processes and procedures linked to policies and detailed tasks.

Example of Zavanta's Structured Authoring WizardAuto-generated website
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  • » Intelligent fill-in-the-blanks knowledge capture prompts authors
  • » Built-in standards, advice, quality controls prevent common mistakes
  • » Automated document control and revision management
  • » Auto-generates websites for intranet delivery
  • » Auto-formats all content in a standard format
  • » Review / Approval automation and workflow
  • » Unique drill-down structure links Process to Procedure to Policies and Tasks

Supported Technologies

VM/VSE, Windows, Windows Server
Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL
- Not Applicable -
Software, ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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Users (# of seats)
$2,395 for standalone to $50,000 for large network

Zavanta is typically installed as a network solution to support multiple authors (subject experts). Pricing is based on concurrent authors. View-only access is free and unlimited. Zavanta easily scales to support a small workgroup or a large enterprise with hundreds of authors who periodically create, edit, manage policy and procedure content.


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Additional Product Information

Zavanta is specially designed for organizations that need a more efficient, systematic approach than an MS Word-based solution. Zavanta is faster and delivers better-quality results than any other method.

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