Trillium Student Information Management System by SRB International Limited

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Trillium is a state-of-the-art Student Administration System. The system manages all student information and processing requirements for elementary through secondary (K-12) schools including, demographics, enrollment, course management, achievement tracking and reporting, attendance, scheduling, special education and cooperative learning. Designed as a corporate district level system it provides full functionality for each school.

English, French

Supported Technologies

DEC OpenVMS, Macintosh, Netware, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Software, ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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$1,000/school to $10,000/school

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Additional Product Information

SRB International, Inc. is a supplier of software and related services to funded environment clients throughout North America. We specialize in administrative computing solutions, which focus directly on the needs of organizations in education and government. With Trillium, SRB offers a student information management system that has been designed to provide our clients with a district-wide database, while providing comprehensive functionality designed to enhance the effectiveness of educational administrators through the utilization of the most advanced computer technology. Few products have undergone the extensive user requirement research that has preceded the development of Trillium. Before development even started to take place, requirements were gathered from more than seventy school districts over a two-year research period. Presently, Trillium continues to evolve to meet the needs of new and existing clients across North America. Trillium offers schools an almost unlimited range of organizational options, including year-round schooling, multiple tracks, each with its own calendar, periods, period timelines, cycle days. Essentially, Trillium has been designed to consider every function that will allow school districts to completely and effectively function on a day-to-day basis. Trillium has been designed to offer a familiar look and feel that users will recognize from a typical Windows environment. Users will have the advantage of point and click operation without losing the ability to use the keyboard to tab through fields and enter information, as many users prefer. Wherever possible, intuitive programming has been used to automate processes. For example, users are prompted to have Trillium update related information when a student record has been altered, such as sibling and parent addresses and telephone numbers. Another example of Trillium's comprehensive programming is by automatically updating entry dates for "No Shows" until the students are marked present. This development style enables a school to adopt Trillium with minimal training, while progressing through a short learning curve. Daily users of standard desktop productivity tools are pleased to find that Trillium will allow connectivity from any ODBC compliant reporting and query tools for unlimited and instant ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Trillium is fully supported by a toll-free help desk, to complement the on-line help. Tha application is regularly enhanced through annual maintenance/support contracts, enhancements are client-driven by user committees and focus groups. Full implementation planning, conversion and training is provided. Full integration with other school based applications, to provide the complete solution. Trillium is in full production in many North American school districts, from the largest district in North America down to small private schools.

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