TGrid by Fluent Inc.

4.92 - What's this?

An advanced hybrid volume mesh generation tool.


Supported Technologies

HP/UX, Linux, Silicon Graphics IRIX, Solaris/Sun OS, Windows XP/2000/NT
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Additional Product Information

TGrid performs advanced hybrid volume mesh generation using tetrahedra, pyramids, and prisms (wedges or ;hexahedra) and 2-D meshing with triangles and quadrilaterals. TGrid's robust, automated algorithms save ;preprocessing time and generate high-quality meshes for CFD analysis in FLUENT. Surface and volume meshes ;may be imported from GAMBIT, ANSYS, Catia, I-DEAS, NASTRAN, PATRAN, Pro/ENGINEER, Hypermesh, and ;more. Extensive tools are included for improving imported surface mesh quality and for rapidly assembling meshes ;from multiple parts. Convenient mesh quality diagnostic tools allow for easy verification of mesh size and quality.

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