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Software for furniture branch. 3D interior & furniture design, pricing, cut optimalisation, sales support....

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Czech, Lithuanian, Slovak, English, Polish, Russian, German

Supported Technologies

Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
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Users (# of seats)
999 to 1999
+48 12 623 75 57

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Additional Product Information

PRO100 is useful in all those stages of furniture manufacturing, where the user wants to introduce modernizations making use of computer technology. You can use PRO100 to create furniture "from scratch", create your own catalogs, plan the supplies, arrange interiors and support your direct sales - in all of these stages the program gives you an instant visualization, different views, calculations and reports. That's why our software turns out to be useful for small companies and showrooms as well as for huge manufacturers that own shop chains and big factories. Easiness of use (most of the operations can be done with a mouse), high speed and constant possibility of introducing changes into the project make life much easier for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

PRO100 is a completely independent application - it doesn't need any other software than Windows 95 or later. Working with the program is like creating a real furniture - the user operates on furniture elements (pieces), arranging them in the virtual space as if they were real. You can create your own catalogs of pieces, ready furniture and materials or take advantage of the catalogs included in the program. PRO100 is an all-purpose tool for producers and designers of any kind of furniture - kitchen furniture, office furniture, house furniture, non-standard furniture and garden furniture (among our customers there are even fireplace designers!).

Most of the operations connected with designing can be done quickly and easily with a mouse - just as if you were playing with building blocks. Another convenience are the tool bars that contain some of the most useful commands, e.g.: move to, flip, align or rotate. Each element of the project has its own properties window, where you can specify all the characteristics: name, dimensions, type of material, assignment to a specific report group, price, etc. All of these features make up a powerful tool that help the designer in his work.

The designed interior can be seen from seven different views (including the perspective view). In each view the program can automatically show the dimensions of the interior. There are five view modes: wire frame, sketch, colors, textures and full, realistic visualization. In each mode you can switch on different effects, like: semitransparence, contours or shading. All changes are immediately reflected in all modules of the program - list of elements, calculations and all visualization modes, including photorealistic. Arranging a room takes less than 20 minutes. At each stage of your work you can freely modify all modules, add and remove handles, shelves or whole furniture and change colors of the entire project or a part of it with one mouse- click. All these features make PRO100 a perfect tool to work with.

After approving a design, owners of Nowy Rozkroj can automatically export all pieces and optimize the plate cutting. That's how you can design an interior and print ready cut maps without moving away from the computer!

Years long experience in developing PRO100 and also contacts with our customers made it clear, that there should be a special version for direct selling. This version - called later the "showroom" version or "dealer" version - is meant for outlets. It differs from the full version only by the lack of possibility to modify furniture catalogs (by modifying a catalog we understand adding new elements and changing the existing ones). The showroom version is meant for outlets of big furniture companies, that create catalogs of their products and send them to their retailers together with furniture (of course, the mother company must have at least one full version of PRO100, so that the designers can prepare the catalog). The showroom version contains all other features of the full version (in particular, it allows the dealer to quickly create furniture that doesn't appear in the catalog, but is essential to furnish a non-standard room). Projects created in the outlet are sent to the company on a floppy disk or through the Internet.

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