Policy Terminator by Oden, a West business

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Policy Terminator automates the issuance of cancellation, non-renewal, conditional renewal and reinstatement notices to the insured via the Internet or Intranet. Compliant notices are generated for commercial and personal lines for all policy types and reasons for the 50 state jurisdictions and DC.


  • » Pre-fills Advance Days Notice, Mail Instructions
  • » Import/Export a single policy record on demand without re-keying information
  • » Customized creation of Post Office Log for proof of mailing
  • » Warns and prevents invalid mail/cancellation dates (holidays, Sundays)
  • » Builds customized reports
  • » Stores history of each notice generated; may not be edited or deleted
  • » Automatic Internet updating of regulatory rule-base, and user-level security

Supported Technologies

Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Microsoft SQL Server
Software, Web-Based (Browser)
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Additional Product Information

The Policy Terminator (PT) is a web-based program that automates the issuance of cancellation, nonrenewal, conditional renewal and reinstatement notices to the insured. PT dynamically assembles compliant notices depending on related criteria such as the policy type, the action being taken, and the reason for that action. PT generates notices for all commercial and personal lines for the fifty states and DC. Contact sensitive linking into State Rules and Regulations for Property & Casualty ensures that the user has full access to all the jurisdictional requirements for each notice scenario. PT also determines the appropriate notice content in the format required by the applicable jurisdiction, and also calculates the advanced days notice, mail lead time if required, mailing requirements.

Because State Rules & Regulations for Property & Casualty is accessible through the Policy Terminator, the Policy Terminator is only available to current State Rules & Regulations clients.

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