MBIŽ Factory Network by MBI Software Company GmbH

2.23 - What's this?

integrated specialized solution; release policy; modular conception, furniture/variant industries, object furnishers, distributors

Czech, Dutch, English, Polish, French, German

Supported Technologies

Windows XP/2000/NT , AIX, HP/UX, Solaris/Sun OS
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own MBIŽ Sales Department

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Additional Product Information

MBIŽ Factory Network is an integrated modular enterprise ressource planning software for furniture producing and all related variant manufacturing industries that is being developped on the basis of modern software development and engineering tools. , MBIŽ Factory Network offers all departments comprehensive information for and about sales processing, production, material management, inventory controlling and purchase. The possibility to customize statistical reports caters to management requirements for detailed but also aggregated information., Performance spectrum MBIŽ Factory Network (product modules):, - MBIŽ Sales Order Management: order processing with integrated graphic order entry; sales and order/quotation administration; invoicing; comprehensive statistics; distributional processing; commisional accounts and statistics; integration and interface to financial accounting, - MBIŽ Material Management: disposition of material (material management); stocks and inventory management; storage space organisation; data export to relevant interfaces (purchase,production), - MBIŽ Supply Management: purchasing; order suggestions from material management, production and sales processing; invoice and overdue control, integration and interface to financial accounting, agreements, - MBIŽ Production Management: production; generation of manufacturing orders; parts lists; job plans; decision tables; automated inheritance logic; advanced formulas for the calculation of geometric data, disposition of ressources; etc., - MBIŽ Calculation Management: calculation module; calculation of contribution margins of a job; calculation of total production costs , according to individually defined cost calculating procedures, - MBIŽ Financial Management: financial ledger administration, wages and saleries, etc., MBIŽ Process Data Management: PDA/PDP (production data acquisition; barcode-supported online-feedback regarding the status of production/manufacturing orders including information on consumed materials, - integrated variant organisation, sales planning, multilingual

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