TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę by Data ID Systems

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Internal Tracking Just Got Simpler with TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę Affordable tracking of packages with electronic proof of delivery and signature capture. Monitor parcel and mail distribution anywhere within your facility right in the palm of your hand.

Supported Technologies

Windows XP/2000/NT
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$6000.00 to $7990.00

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From the point at which a package lands on your receiving dock to the point at which it's delivered to the final recipient, TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę is in total control, every step of the way. No more
manual tracking or delivery - TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę allows you to record each incoming item with a scanner or portable data collector. TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę then uses that information to create a manifest used for internal deliveries. When you need a package, you need it now. The time it takes for that package to move from the mailroom to your desk is critical. TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę tracks incoming mail and packages through every stage of delivery. It's a window on the delivery process for total visibility from start to finish. And, the signature capture feature maximizes security and reinforces delivery notification.
The TigerEYES Mail Center Managerę program is designed to track packages accurately and efficiently. It coordinates data transfers between handheld units and a desktop database. It allows any user to track any package, and monitor distribution, anywhere within your facility. Yet, it's flexible enough to adapt to the way your business already works.
Mail and packages are assigned an internal number and tracking label when they arrive. Each piece of mail and every package is affixed with a label. The numbers are assigned to the packages as they are taken to the recipients' desks. Recipients must sign for the packages, using the pen-based computer. This computer captures the recipient's signature, as well as the date and time stamp of when the package was received. When the delivery is complete, the tracking system automatically updates the master computer and generates an accurate, up-to-the-minute report.

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