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AutoScheduler cuts the cost of operations in a plant, distribution center or a campus of warehouses. AutoScheduler does this by synchronized lean-scheduling all warehouse operations within constraints, such as manpower, thereby eliminating waste at all levels of the operation.

AutoScheduler is a smart planning system that plans all the activities and inventory in one or multiple warehouses. It gathers data from:

- Production schedules
- Order management systems
- Warehouse management
- Operational constraints

The system makes decisions such as:

- What shipments need to be unloaded first // loaded first
- Where to put product when it comes off the line
- What shipments can be loaded early to voids in the schedule, without hurting other shipments
- How to optimally use product before it becomes over-age

Developed in conjunction with Procter & Gamble, it is operating in more than twenty North American and European distribution and manufacturing sites. AutoScheduler is a WMS add-on that uses an expert planning engine to schedule constrained resources, such as dock doors, while “optimally” deploying inventory to meet customers’ needs.

Case Study: Proctor & Gamble, Lima, Ohio

The large site makes liquid Tide. As this product's popularity and market share rose, the attached plant warehouse became increasingly overburdened. Able to hold less than 2 days of production, the site had many outside warehouses. Only 40% of customer shipments were shipped from the plant--meaning 60% was double-handled. Once AutoScheduler started to deploy inventory based on orders, determine the best ship-site for each order and manage the repositioning of product, the 40% number became more than 80%. And that resulted in more than $2 million savings per annum. But the benefits didn't stop there. Other areas of waste were also reduced as:

- More product went straight from the palletizer to the truck
- There were more opportunities to cross dock
- The workload was spread more evenly by flexing the drop-lot

Customer satisfaction increased as they received shipments in-full and on-time. Additionally, staff were pleased by a significant reduction in stress.

Major inputs and outputs
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  • » Cuts operations costs
  • » Eliminates waste
  • » The concept of AutoScheduler is based on synchronization
  • » Manages inventory levels in a number of local warehouses
  • » Manages scheduling of incoming and outgoing loads
  • » Identifies dual-tasking and cross-docking opportunities
  • » Users can adjust/override program recommendations and re-plan

Supported Technologies

Linux, MS Windows Server 2003
Oracle, CA-Ingres, Oracle Lite, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL
C/C++, JavaScript
Software, ASP Hosted, Open Source
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