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Supply Chain Execution Systems with Real-Time P.O. Line Item Process Control and Visibility utilizing Bar Coding Technology.


Supported Technologies

AIX, HP/UX, Solaris/Sun OS, Linux, MS Windows Server 2003, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
Software, ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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Logistical Software and Informational Systems necessary for managment to acheive Real Time Process Control, synchronization of the flow of physical goods and associated information, from 'Conseption to Consumption'.;HAL's Family of Logistical Solutions;-Purchase Order Line Item Logistics (With or Without Packing) ;The Purchase Order Line item logistics combines the process control, in real time, that all HAL Modules have with the accountability of demand line item logistics. Used primarily for complex shipments, international or domestic, where purchase order line item visibility and control must be maintained throughout the shipping cycle. C2C (Conception to Consumption) originates with the purchase order followed through expediting, receiving, checking, material receipt, put-away, warehousing, pulling to pack or to ship, packing, packing List, consolidating, shipping, shipping verification, invoicing, track and trace, status reports with all related documentation through final receipt.;-Warehousing and Distribution ;Warehousing and Distribution used for Domestic or International with total Process Control of cargo for Public Warehousers, Truckers, Air Freight Providers, Manufacturer's Shipping Department, and 3PL Providers direct or consolidated movement of cargo. (This Module contains all Warehousing functions: receiving, put-away, inventory, pulling to ship, shipping, and confirmation of shipping, invoicing, status reports and all related documentation plus detailed receiving on a package level with the ability to consolidate freight, packing lists, invoicing, track and trace, status reports and all related documentation).;-Freight Forwarding Module;Freight Forwarding Module, with full documentation capability, can either stand-alone or be integrated into other HAL Modules (cargo receipt, export declaration, certificate of origin, ocean bill of lading, airway bill, house bill, consolidation, releases, booking notice, shipping confirmation, invoicing, tracking and tracing, status reports and related documentation).;-Automated Export System Module ;Automated Export System (AES) is a paper-less, on-line export-reporting system that enables required SED data to be filed with multiple Federal Agencies simultaneously. The HAL AES module will create a file with the required information, test the data for compliance allow editing, and then transmit the data to AES.;-Commodity Module ;HAL's Commodity Module can be coupled with the above Warehouser / Distributor / or Purchase Order Line Item Logistics modules giving complete real-time process control and verification with documentation.;-Cross Dock Module ;HAL's Cross-Dock Module for Transportation Providers, Truckers, Air Carriers, 3PL providers and others assures positive control in a real time application or cargo receipt, load-out, delivery ticket/bill of lading and producing all needed documentation.;-Field Material Distribution Module ;For Domestic and International Companies that receive cargo and need real time process control and verification over the distribution of material, with all documentation.;-Shippers Online Internet Query Module;Designed to give shippers domestic and international virtual response on queries via the World Wide Web, this Internet ability will give: shippers status, location, availability, ETA, ETD, Bills of Lading and all tracing and tracking information by Box, Shipment down to Purchase Order Line Item. In addition to trace-track capabilities, the system allows printing of Material Receipts, Packing List, Proforma Invoices, Air and Ocean Bills of Lading and other documentation. ;(The above Shippers Online Internet Query Module can be previewed through our web page at www.hal-inc.com by clicking on Tracking Demo and following the log-in procedure to run the demo.);Coming:;-Graphical User Interface ;-Complete Interactive Internet Capability for E-Commerce/Business to Business

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