commerce@work and Application Plus by daly.commerce

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Enterprise software for wholesale distributors, with 26 integrated modules for Internet commerce, sales & marketing automation, customer service, warehouse logistics, purchasing & inventory management, financial analysis & management, and business intelligence. For all popular platforms.


Supported Technologies

OS/400, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT , AIX, HP/UX, Silicon Graphics IRIX, Linux, Solaris/Sun OS
Web-Based (Browser)
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Additional Product Information

Our product lines, commerce@work and Application Plus, are fully integrated solutions that enable you to operate from a unified flow of information across all of the major distribution processes. Moreover, our product lines are Internet commerce enabled, so you can conduct business electronically and provide optimum customer service. In addition to Internet Commerce functionality, our solutions comprise Sales/Marketing Automation, Customer Service, Warehouse Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management, Financial Analysis and Management, and Business Intelligence

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