123mrp.NET by Rent-I.T. Systems UK Limited

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123mrp.NET is a comprehensive MRP system that offers an end-to-end solution, from quotation to invoicing. It links to all accounts systems and its SQL-based database allows reports to be quickly written by anyone (with suitable access).

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  • »Easy to install
  • »Easy to learn - 3 day user training, 1 day implementation and 1 day admin.
  • »Comprehensive, complete system - you don't have to buy more modules in the future
  • »Supplied with extremely low capital outlay. Just pay for training and sign up for rental
  • »Ni tie-in. Don't like it? Walk away. There is no minimum contract period, so you can walk away at any time.
  • »Expandable - rent the licenses you need on a month by month basis.

Supported Technologies

Windows XP/2000/NT
Microsoft SQL Server
C# (C Sharp), VB.net
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Users (# of seats)
023 8086 1003


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