GNCutter - Nesting and Guillotine Cutter by Optimalon Software

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Mobile nesting software for Pocket PC designed to help you cut rectangular sheets with minimal waste and place several 2D parts without overlapping to occupy as less space as possible.

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  • » Runs on mobile devices such as Pocket PC and Smartphones.
  • » Nesting and Guillotine sheet cutting calculation methods.
  • » Two different stock types: Coil/Strip and Sheets/Bins.
  • » Robust optimization algorithm.
  • » Integrated graphical viewer for layout inspection.
  • » Simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • » Export layouts to AutoCAD DXF and Excel spreadsheets.

Supported Technologies

MS Windows Mobile 2003
- Not Applicable -
C# (C Sharp)
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Users (# of seats)
97 USD

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Additional Product Information

Defines how to cut rectangular pieces from glass, metal, drywall or wood sheets with minimal waste of material.
GNCutter uses two types of cutting methods: Nesting and Guillotine. Guillotine is only method you can use for glass or ceramic cutting. In other cases you can use both methods, though nesting usually produces better results.
GNCutter generates complex layouts and cutting instructions right at your jobsite in less than a second!

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