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LeanConfigurator, a suite of software applications, is used to create electronic manufacturing process information and assemble the information into web-enabled build books. The build books are tailored specifically to a configured product based on the product options selected for that unit.

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Supported Technologies

Windows 95/98/ME
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Additional Product Information

LeanConfigurator helps you improve manufacturing throughput by eliminating missing, incomplete, or inaccurate build information that typically results in delayed customer orders, unnecessary rework and repair, and higher operating costs from overtime, expedited parts, and avoidable quality issues.

With LeanConfigurator, manufacturing resource requirements are readily analyzed by product families, product options, or configured products. Visibility of manufacturing resources allows companies to quickly and easily re-configure their manufacturing environment to accommodate changes in the model mix. This represents a strategic advantage for companies that must support multiple product configurations and multiple customer sites.

How LeanConfigurator improves manufacturing:

Higher Quality - LeanConfigurator is designed to give companies the power to ensure that a configured product is produced using the organization's Best Practices for production, quality, safety, and accountability. Building end products that can be derived from literally thousands of product options can be a formidable task. Providing manufacturing with the correct information to ensure all product features are properly manufactured, assembled, tested, and configured can improve First Time Quality by as much as 25%.

Faster Delivery of Customized Orders - As companies are looking to reduce order delivery time by as much as 68%, continuous visibility of manufacturing resource requirements will be necessary in manufacturing. With LeanConfigurator, required resources (eg; labor, machines, process parameters) to support the production sequence become visible during the product planning phase, thus eliminating production bottlenecks due to unforeseen resource constraints.

Lower Prices - Unexpected shortages of critical manufacturing resources drive repair and rework costs through the roof. Worse yet, increased overtime is generally the result of reworking a product that had to be set aside due to missing parts or limited resources. LeanConfigurator helps to reduce these excess costs by identifying the necessary resources well in advance. CIMx® can help companies realize a 10% reduction in repair costs, and a 2% reduction in overtime.

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