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The challenge of allocating production, transportation and inventory resources in order to satisfy demand can be daunting. What kind of practices should be implemented to help your company maintain a well-organized and flexible supply chain that minimizes costs and maximizes profit? Determining these practices can be difficult when you are faced with: ;Seasonality ;Promotions ;Batch processes ;Large set-up costs ;Tight capacities ;Multiple sourcing options for the same item


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Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Web-Based (Browser)
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LogicChainŽ creates an optimal supply chain master plan by coordinating production, warehousing, transportation, and inventory decisions to meet your demand plan. The resulting plan provides information on production quantities, shipment sizes and storage requirements by product, location and time period. The solution supports profit optimization as well as cost minimization.

LogicChainŽ has been implemented in many projects these are some examples of how supply chain master planning can enhance a company?s decision making and bottom line results.
1) Demand shaping
2) Production scheduling
3) Profit Maximization
4) Working capital investment
5) Global Sourcing Strategy

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