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NDS's ERP solution delivers a robust, user-friendly application that's tailor-made for small and midsize companies. Scaleable and affordable, our software is specifically designed for your distribution and manufacturing enterprise needs. Streamline your business operations and maximize your ROI!

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  • » Scaleable - grows with the needs of your business
  • » Easy to use and implement
  • » Streamlines business operations
  • » Reduce operating costs
  • » Source code available

Supported Technologies

Linux, MS Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/2000/NT
Oracle, Oracle Lite
4GL, Java, (Other)
Software, Web-Based (Browser)
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1.00 License Fee

NDS Systems is offering an Enterprise Site License (Unlimited Users - Unlimited Processors) for its entire (All Modules) On Oracle ERP Solution for $1.00 and a 3 year affordable Product Support Contract.


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The fully integrated NDS Applications bring the power of an Oracle-based ERP system to all phases of your operation. NDS Applications deliver many powerful, practical features to your organization, from unmatched reporting to practically limitless configuration and desktop integration possibilities. NDS Applications provide increased utilization of all your company resources, ultimately leading to a stronger bottom-line and smoother running company.

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