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Web Based Membership Management

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Supported Technologies

Linux, Macintosh, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
Java, JavaScript
ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
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- Unspecified -
$1000 per year to $10,000 per year

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Additional Product Information

NEON integrates very easily with your website, and enables you to have one universal database containing all of your organization's online and offline information, accessible from any internet connection. And because NEON is web-based, your system constantly evolves and updates without the extra charges you incur when you buy an installed software package or packages.

You will be able to manage and track all of the following activities with NEON:

◦Online payments
◦Email campaigns
◦Newsletters, mailing tracking and mail merges
◦Custom data fields
◦Online forms and surveys
◦An online store
◦Automatic "thank yous" and receipting
◦Custom reply emails
◦Pledges, matching donations, grants management
◦Document sharing (available as an additional module)
From any person's detail page in NEON you can see all of their personal information, their entire donation and activity history, the entire communication history, staff notes and entries, survey responses, relationships with other people, custom data, and much more. You can even initiate donations, event registrations, and more from the same screen. Very intuitive design makes the system very easy to learn and use.

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