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Search Google from the comfort of your desktop. Get notified of unread messages in your Gmail account. Search your computer 300% faster than Windows search. Get the latest headlines and search news archives. Packed with features that help you do things faster! Get iGoogle now! 20% of all sales donated to World Vision. Why? Because we believe in a better tomorrow...Today.

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Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
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iGoogle is an application that focuses on implementing Google's technology - and search technology in general - into different mediums, one being your desktop. Just imagine searching Google's index of over 8 billion web pages, checking your Gmail account for the latest unread messages, searching your computer 300% faster than Windows's default search, receiving the latest headlines and searching for more news you can ever read...All at the comfort of your desktop and at speed of thought. iGoogle has 4 main features: Google Search, Google Mail, Desktop Search and News Search. All of which can be configured using the Settings feature and optimized to their full ability using the Support feature. What makes iGoogle cool and effective? :: Get results fast by searching Google from your desktop. :: Be informed of new messages in your Gmail account periodically. :: Find things a lot faster by searching your computer easily. :: Find insight in the latest headlines and news from Wired News. What other things can iGoogle do? :: Preview a web page before visiting it in Google Search. :: Get notified by iGoogle's LiveModel of the latest updates. :: Search for what you copied last with the ease of a click. With all these great features, and many not mentioned here, it's easy to see why iGoogle is all about information and delivering it! 20% of all sales donated to World Vision. Why? Because we believe in a better tomorrow...Today.

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