Athena by Sagebrush Corporation

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Athena is the award-winning library automation software from Sagebrush Corporation. It is a fully integrated, Windows-based software program that combines catalog searching, circulation, cataloging, inventory, and other functions. Internet and Z39.50 solutions are also available.

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Supported Technologies

Macintosh, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
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2495.00 to 3995.00

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Sagebrush Releases Athena v8.1

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Additional Product Information

Athena is the award-winning library automation system for Windows from Sagebrush Corporation (formerly Nichols Advanced Technologies). Athena is a fully integrated system combining circulation, cataloging, inventory, and searching functions - including Visual Search, an icon-based searching tool. Athena's Internet capabilities include Athena Webserver, which allows access to library collections from outside the library; Athena Weblink, which allows access to the Internet and other cataloged electronic resources from workstations and now has a new Reference Search feature, allowing searches of the library to be carried over to the Internet without having to reenter search terms; and Athena zMARC, which utilizes Z39.50 technology. Other innovative features and optional modules include patron photographs, full-text searching, multiple collection management, Macintosh and DOS searching stations, and union catalog capabilities.

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