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KHIMERA® is integrated package with important tools for development/evaluation of complex chemical mechanisms. KHIMERA® provides a user friendly interface for calculation of the thermodynamic properties of substances, the rate constants of chemical reactions and further to chemical mechanism of the physical-chemical processes.

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  • » Calculation of thermodynamic, transport, kinetic parameters
  • » Import of data from output files of popular Quantum Chemistry codes
  • » Kinetic mechanism builder and sensitivity analysis
  • » Set of reactor models for modeling overall chemical process and verification/analysis of proposed mechanism
  • » Databases of kinetic & thermodynamic parameters for large number of substances, reactions, chemical mechanisms
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HP/UX, Linux
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Additional Product Information

From Atoms and Molecules to devices.
KHIMERA is first software programs to provide user-friendly link between Quantum Chemistry and kinetics.
Khimera reads output files of Gaussian,ADF,Gamess and Jaguar
What these software for?
1.Efficiently use your quantum-chemical data for the analysis of real chemistry under various conditions.
2.Present easily results of quantum-chemical calculation in the form, which can be used directly by the chemists- experimentalists or even chemical engineers in his work.

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