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3.87 - What's this?

Sophisticated middleware that transfers mainframe functionality to a server (Windows/Linux/Aix) or desktop. Enables ICL VME users to run their existing SCL procedures UNCHANGED in the migrated environment. Full MAC/BATCH/OPER/SPOOLER functionality is included in the product.

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  • » Windows-based app provides a uniform view across the enterprise
  • » No end-user retraining is required
  • » Major VME functionality standard
  • » Tightly integrated with Microfocus COBOL
  • » Supports all VME filetypes either natively or emulated
  • » Existing programming staff can be used in a modern environment
  • » The same code can be run on Windows, Linux or AIX

Supported Technologies

AIX, Linux, Windows XP/2000/NT
- Not Applicable -
4GL, COBOL, C# (C Sharp), C/C++, (Other)
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A full installation "discovery" exercise is undertaken by our Company in order to derive a cost for an installation -

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Additional Product Information

A fully-functional two-month trial version (the only limitation being a BATCH concurrency of one) of the software is available, Please contact with your Name, address end email details to have a copy posted to you. This offer applies to individuals as well as to companies. Please note that 2 versions are available - Developer (for single users) and Enterprise or Production for running complete workloads of any size.

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