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The 6000 Managed Application Server (MAS) provides a modular suite of network server applications and solutions for businesses of all sizes ;Depending on the customer’s requirements, it can be:;--A multifunction IT solution for small to medium-sized enterprises;--A remote teleworker solution with 'plug and work' phones;--A small-business digital video security solution;--An IPSec VPN solution;--A Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)-based voice network solution for small offices;--Any combination of the above

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Sold through Mitel authorized resellers throughout US and Canada, and through Synnex distribution channel resellers in the US

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Additional Product Information

The 6000 MAS modular suite of networke server applications and solutions for businesses of all sizes includes:
1) 6040 Office Server Suite:
--An all-in-one IT solution for SMEs
--Fire /print servers
--Company email system with virus protection and remote caching (“Guaranteed Email”)
--DNS Services
--24/7 monitoring
--IPSec site-to-site Virtual Private Networks
--Includes the 6010 Teleworker Solution
2) 6041 Productivity Option:
Add-on to the 6040 Office Server Suite
--Web Access Control (allows customer to block employee access to non-business-related websites)
--Spam filtering
--Secure instant messaging
--Web-based groupware
3)6042 VPN
Provides firewall and VPN functionality only
--Will typically be deployed in branch offices, connected to a server in the main office subscribed to the 6040 Office Server Suite
--VPNs are set up automatically and managed by the 6000 MAS application management center (AMC) – eliminates the pain of configuration
4) 6010 Teleworker Solution
--Works with any 5020/5220 IP Phone and any MiNet ICP (3100/3300 ICP or SX-200 IP Node)
--Secure RTP assures privacy, Jitter Buffering and Packet Order Handling enhance voice quality
--G.729-G.711 auto negotiating to conserve bandwidth
--Can be added to any existing PBX
--Perfect for small remote offices
5) 4050 Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Allows customer to view live video from anywhere on the Internet, search archived video, receive email alerts when camera detects motion, etc. Up to four (4) cameras can be connected to the server
--PCI card
--DVR 'blade' running on 6000 MAS
--DVR Configuration and Viewer software that can be installed on customer’s PC
6) 3050 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP)
SIP-based voice networking solution delivered as a software blade on any 6000 MAS server
-- includes: voice mail, auto-attendant, email server, file/print and one year of virus protection

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