Case CATalyst by Stenograph, L.L.C.

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Enables court reporters to create, edit and print lengthy trial and deposition transcripts in a highly efficient manner. With over 15,000 users it is the recognized leader in the industry.


Supported Technologies

Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
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Users (# of seats)
3,495 to 3,995

Direct sales in U.S.; Distributors in U.K., Australia, S.A., India, Africa

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Additional Product Information

Case CATalyst® 3.0, Case CATalyst is customer-approved, 100% Windows software designed to increase a court reporter's productivity with the features they want. Combine their unique machine-shorthand skills with CATalyst's stability, its intelligent features, the industry's only award-winning programmers, and full service from Stenograph, L.L.C., for a powerful solution to fast and accurate transcript delivery. , CATalyst is designed to work with the Stentura® or other computer-compatible Stenograph machine used to capture verbatim testimony during legal proceedings; to convert those stenographic notes to text; to provide industry-specific editing capabilities, to print the transcript in special condensed formats, and to provide the transcript in electronic form. , Realtime reporting where the text appears on the court reporter's computer immediately after being written on the shorthand machine is a standard feature. Immediate access to current testimony by participants in the proceeding is provided. Case AudioSync®, its optional companion software, will record the audio of the testimony with the steno record so that the editing process can be verified and accelerated. , Key Features:, · Instant Editing during realtime translation, · Intuitive and flexible number conversions, · Immediate defines of untranslates, · Phonetic translation option, · Accurate suffix attachment (ed/e), · Spell check while defining and scanning, · Open multiple files during edit, · Flexible timestamping controls, · Multiple page layouts per file, · Automatic Index creation, · Built-in Compressed Print , · Built-in Concordance, Case CATalyst - the key to court reporter productivity!, A demonstration cd is available upon request.

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