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1 Tara Blvd.
Nashua, NH 03063
United States
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Year Founded: 1997
# of Employees: 25
Company Type: Privately Owned

Contract Logix, Inc. was founded in 1997 with a mission to streamline fundamental business operations such as contract management and risk management. Contract Logix provides affordable and easy-to-use software, professional services, and managed solutions to its host of business customers. Contract Logix’s range of software and services serve the needs of businesses across a wide variety of industries and job functions - such as contract management with Contract Logix, contract management software.

Contract Logix has established an outstanding reputation for customer service and quality and upholds the highest level of standards. Customer satisfaction is crucial to Contract Logix and remains a top priority allowing Contract Logix to deliver intelligent software solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Contract Logix recognizes that organizations face common problems requiring unique, intelligent solutions. In particular, a key problem many organizations face is the traditional processes - or lack of - in place to effectively manage and track contracts. For organizations to gain full control of their contracts, documents and other agreements, Contract Logix developed a flexible and modular solution, appropriately named Contract Logix. Contract Logix, is an affordable and easy-to-use contract management software solution developed to scale and grow with your organization. Its’ modular approach lets each system be designed around any-sized organizations’ current or growing requirements – providing a precise solution that optimizes operational efficiency, and reduces contract management requirements. It is available as a Windows or Web-based system.

Contract Logix also provides customers with a deep set of service offerings, ensuring our customers take full advantage of our contract management solutions and gain the Return on Investment expected.

Contract Logix, Inc. remains dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and to delivering intelligent contract management software solutions that serve all your contract management requirements.

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SoftRank: 5.97
Document and Information Management Contract Management

Streamline contract management processes, drastically reduce contract management time, and simplify contract administration with Contract Logix, contract management software. Whether you're looking to improve customer relationships, better manage risk, reduce exposure, ensure compliance, or just...

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