Rent-I.T. Systems UK Limited Vendor Profile

11a High Street
Southampton, Hants SO40 9HL
United Kingdom
web site
Year Founded: 2000
# of Employees: 6
Company Type: Privately Owned

Rent-I.T. offers the 123mrp manufacturing system, which is offered with a low risk monthly payment. Prospects attend a free evaluation workshop to gauge the suitability of the product for their business. Once they are satisfied they simple attend the 5 day training (for the complete system) and sign a rental agreement - this agreement can be cancelled at any time with no penalty.

Software listed for this vendor:

SoftRank: 4.74
Manufacturing Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

123mrp.NET 123mrp.NET is a comprehensive MRP system that offers an end-to-end solution, from quotation to invoicing. It links to all accounts systems and its SQL-based database allows reports to be quickly written by anyone (with suitable access).

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