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13502 Daisy Ct
Rosemount, MN 55068
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Year Founded: 2007
# of Employees: 2
Company Type: Privately Owned

Seritus Solutions is a provider of software solutions and consultancy services, offers products leveraging the latest technology to streamline your operations. Seritus’ flagship product is Seritus- CoS, the next generation web-based Commercial Credit Origination System. The system has intelligent workflow processing to automate the flow of applications through your operation. Seritus-CoS seamlessly integrates with third party commercial and consumer credit sources to pull and store related bureau reports. It provides the capability for your business partners to initiate deals, monitor their progress and print financial documents remotely which were automatically generated from your standard forms. As deals are finalized, Seritus-CoS can seamlessly integrate with your back-end solution provider of choice. Utilizing past experience and the latest technology tools, Seritus is able to offer a very cost effective, robust and powerful system

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SoftRank: 4.49
Accounting and Finance Credit and Collection

Seritus - CoS is the next generation web-based origination system utilizing the latest technology tools available to provide a very cost effective, robust and powerful system. The system increases your operational efficiencies by leveraging a configurable workflow tool to drive deals through the...

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